sho teaching curriculum


  • To fulfil the emergency medicine requirements of SHO training curricula (VTS/Foundation/Core/ACCS) 
  • To engage the junior tier of physicians covering all the varying curricula in a relaxed, structured environment. 
  • A place to raise concerns confidentially, learn from both experts and colleagues encountering similar presentations.


  • Weekly sessions using theoretical and case based small group teaching delivered by a range of expert speakers. Combination of peers presenting interesting cases (to be assessed as per portfolio requirements), formal lectures delivered by consultants invited to speak and problem solving sessions. 
  • If issues noted to require addressing, to be raised with Dr Lydia Egan or  Dr Aqib Hafeez for exploration as soon as possible.
  • Register kept and attendance tracked as required in contracts.
  • The curriculum has been drawn up from close examination of the above curricula and combines all learning requirements to meet everyone’s needs. 
  • The upcoming sessions will be uploaded to the website as soon as confirmed. Presentation material will be circulated to ensure those missed can be read in own time.



  • Knowledge and confidence in management of common and life-threatening emergency presentations. Ability to explore any uncertainties in relaxed format.