Disclaimer: This website is a resource intended to promote and direct  towards research and teaching activity undertaken by Emergency Medicine physicians in Oxford. It is not an official trust or university site, and is not intended to provide guidelines for routine clinical practice which are available on the OUH intranet site

About Us

Cutting-edge Emergency Medicine delivered in a world-reknowned centre of academic excellence

At the Oxford Emergency Departments we seek to apply the latest therapeutic and diagnostic strategems and technologies for our patient population, enabling us to deliver the highest standards of clinical care

Based in a regional Major Trauma Centre and tertiary referral hub

We receive complex trauma cases from across the Oxfordshire region, and coordinate care for our patients with a host of on-site medical and surgical specialties, including leading figures in their respective fields. Our dedicated Paediatric Emergency Department deals with all children's unplanned attendances and admissions and is in close liason with the Children's Hospital located on the same site

A longstanding ethos of development, investment and innovation

Key to our success is the perpetual aim to maintain a culture of investment in our staff, systems and resources as well as in our patients, allowing us to continually develop our service and workforce, and provide the best healthcare we possibly can

Our Partners