PAEDiatric EM resources

Don't Forget the Bubbles


 Don't  forget the bubbles is an excellent international resource for  paediatric emergency medicine. Particularly useful features are its  X-ray interpretation slot and the monthly "Bubble Wrap", a quick review  of the most important recently published research relevant to PEM 

Leicester Children's ED


 Leicester Children's Emergency Department has a useful PEM sub specialty curriculum map with many helpful FOAMED links

Life in the Fast Lane



Life in the fast lane has many useful PEM resources, in particular, a good summary on how to interpret paediatric ECGs 

Hetty's Hospital


 Lots  of kids in the Children's ED are anxious about their visit. Most of  their parents have a smart phone. Tell them about Hetty's Hospital, an  app aimed at reducing their anxiety which they can download over the  hospital wifi 

WHO's Pocket book of hospital care for children


 If  you plan to work in a resource-limited setting, the WHO's Pocket book  of hospital care for children can be downloaded as an app and in several  different languages 

Paediatrics for Primary Care (and anyone else)


A PEM blog written by a PEM consultant from Sheffield which includes some very good explainers